Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash
  Virgil Hubbard has sent us "before" and "after" pictures so that you can see for yourself how well Zanfel works. Here is Virgil's letter:

48 Hours after exposure to poison ivy - click for larger picture

24 Hours after using Zanfel and the itch is gone - click for larger picture

36 hours after using Zanfel itch and pain still gone - click for larger picture

4 days after using Zanfel - click for larger picture

7 days later and Virgil can shave! (with daughters Lisa and Autumn) - click for larger picture

Dear Zanfel,

My daughters wedding was only weeks away and all I could see was my beautiful daughter being walked down the isle by something looking a bit like the Elephant Man.

My name is Virgil Hubbard III, I'm a 43 year-old male who is extremely allergic to poison plants (Ivy, Oak, Sumac). With only weeks to go before my daughter's wedding I came into contact with Poison Ivy. Based on life experience I had every reason to expect that I would be a swollen, oozing, hideous form for my daughter's wedding.

The last time I came into contact with Poison Ivy I was out of work for over four weeks and went through two courses of steroid treatments and still it took well over two months before I resembled anything that should be escorting a beautiful young woman down the isle. I had no reason to expect things to be any better this time especially since I had contacted it by ripping up the actual vine and had gotten it directly on my face!

Within 24 hours of contact I knew I was in big trouble and within 48 hours my face was swollen so as to be unrecognizable even to family, both forearms were festering, my hands were covered and it was beginning to appear all over my upper torso. I was devastated, my family was concerned knowing full well what a nightmare this is for me.

The pictures don't show the swelling the way it really was with the area around my eyes so swollen that people told me it looked like someone had surgically inserted golf balls under the skin. My eyes were so swollen that it took almost three weeks before I could wear my prescription glasses and see clearly...NOT BECAUSE OF THE SWELLING, but because so much pressure had been put on my eyes that they just didn't go back to normal internally for quite some time. I am happy to report that all is well now...

...which brings me to Zanfel.

I discovered Zanfel the only way I believe (at this time) that it can be discovered...on the Web. I use the Web extensively in my work and have come to know that there are ways to find most anything and within hours of contacting the plant I was on the Web searching for the proverbial miracle. Little did I know that I was going to be successful.

Zanfel was shipped to me promptly and at almost exactly 48 hours after contact I was washing the affected areas with Zanfel (the first photo is just prior to that application). I used the product twice that day at about 5:00 and again at around 10:00 when the itching returned. I must confess that after the second application I was disappointed, but my wife reminded me that I was the exception to nearly every rule when it came to poison plants and to be patient.

I went to bed that first night still barely able to see out of one eye and with pressure all over my face that was so intense that sleep came only in response to total exhaustion.

The second photo is almost exactly 24 hours after receiving and applying the Zanfel product. It may not look that great to you, but if you were me you would think differently. Remember, the last time I contacted this stuff I was out of work for over four weeks! Now, my swelling was decreasing rapidly and I could see! I was ecstatic, but, admittedly, wary; it seemed too good to be true.

Not the case however. I had no more itching after a morning application approximately 36 hours after the first, and from then on it became clear that I was experiencing something I had NEVER even hoped for based on all my life experiences with poison plants...I was healing in a matter of days...not weeks. My legs still bear scars from the last time I contacted Poison Oak and was out of work...and now here I was watching it go away.

You ought to see the face of a nine year-old who is trying to be a supportive little girl but knows she is looking at her daddy and not recognizing picture would do that justice either. And ought to see that 9 year-old when her daddy "comes back." You can know that she's a fan of this Zanfel product as well.

The rest of the pictures do tell the story, other than the other areas of my body, which responded in the same manner. The second photo is 24 hours AFTER the first application of Zanfel, the third is 48 hours after and then the fourth photo is four days after the first application.

I was "pulling weeds" one day and within 24 hours I thought I was headed toward a little piece of hell; a place I'd been before. I saw visions of lost work, of another 6-8 weeks of pure misery, of sleepless nights and worried family and doctors and the hell of steroids (they create their own little horrors).

I'd have paid twice the price for this product. I have feared Poison plants all my life and this last bout had the potential to ruin a once in a lifetime daughter's wedding.

Thanks to Zanfel, and I mean this with all sincerity, I was able to walk my daughter down the isle looking and feeling completely normal. Zanfel, thank-you...from all of the Hubbards!

FOOTNOTE: The daughter I walked down the isle? Her husband, only two weeks after the wedding, came into contact with Poison Ivy while hunting...both arms, one eye...not nearly the reaction I have, but bad enough. I had been bragging about Zanfel so they called. Needless to say...their results were as amazing as they could have hoped for! We like to keep it in the family!

Virgil L Hubbard III