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I was SHOCKED when I looked at my face to see all the swelling gone

Subject: I was SHOCKED when I looked at my face to see all the swelling gone
Author: Janet Hemmer
Date: 5/24/2003 2:08 pm
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Subj: Zanfel
Date: 6/19/01 9:10:29 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Janet Saulter-Hemmer)
Sender: (Janet Saulter-Hemmer)

I recently heard about your product from a friend, and decided to try it when I
broke out with my second case of poison ivy this month. I have allergic
reactions to many over the counter drugs, and was not sure I wanted to risk
trying this new topical treatment, especially since my physician (who gave me a
Prednisone prescription) had never heard of it. I was further discouraged by
the high price ($40 an ounce) and distance I had to travel to find a pharmacy
that stocked it. (By the way - GREAT idea to list the pharmacies on your
website! It was a life saver.) However, I was in agony, and the rash on my
arms and face was beginning to "ooze" so I figured it was worth a try.

I used the treatment for the first time yesterday afternoon, and did a second
treatment last night. I was SHOCKED when I looked at my face in the mirror this
morning to see all the swelling gone, the crusty discharge completely healed,
with NO itching whatsoever. Just the red blotches remain, but I can't feel
anything. I have copied the insert that came with your product, and am giving
copies to everyone I know who gets poison ivy - including my physician and local
pharmacist. I also placed another order. With a shelf life of
10 years, I want to stock up on as much of it as I can.

I am absolutely thrilled with your product, and wish I had taken "before" and
"after" pictures of my face so you could see the improvement. Thank you for
bringing out such a great new product to provide relief to desperate poison ivy

Janet Hemmer

Parsippany, NJ

I was SHOCKED when I looked at (Approved)Janet Hemmer5/24/2003 2:08 pm