Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

I can't believe this stuff!

Subject: I can't believe this stuff!
Author: Dave Wendling
Date: 5/24/2003 2:08 pm
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Subj: Zanfel CAN'T be beat!!
Date: 7/3/01 1:30:15 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (DJ Dave)To:

I read all the testimonies on you site and when I ordered Zanfel I told myself that if it really worked that good I would write one too. Well, here it is, IT REALLY WORKED THAT GOOD!!

I can't believe this stuff! Zanfel is the best product on the market for poison ivy I have ever tried and I have tried them all.

I got remarried about three years ago and moved into my new wife's house. The yard (a little over an acre) was full of poison ivy and poison oak. Two inch vines climb up many of the trees in the yard and it spreads out into the grass. I have been trying to get rid of this stuff every summer for the last three years. A tree fell in the yard two years ago and I had been planning on cutting it up and getting rid of it ever since it fell. I had hesitated because it was covered with poison ivy. Well, I borrowed a chain saw from my brother and bought some new cutters this summer and decided to get to work. Next to the tree that fell was a large bush full of the poison ivy as well. I started on it first and was very careful not to touch anything. Next, I got out the chain saw and started to cut up the tree. The chips from the wood was flying all over me when I cut it up. I knew what I was doing wasn't that smart (I had on shorts and a tank top) but I figured I would just "wash up" real good when I got done. I weed eat this stuff on a weekly basis and I always wash up real good afterwards only to get maybe a couple of spots of poison ivy on me when I do.

I woke the next morning to find my forearms and the top of my feet very red and swollen. My eyes were burning and felt swollen as well with "stuff" running out of them. I honestly thought I was having a reaction to the dish soap I used because my skin is very sensitive to soaps and I used a different brand to "wash up" this time. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I suspected it was poison ivy when the bumps started to come out. Being the internet junkie that I am, I decided to look on the net for a new or different product to use. That is when I found the Zanfel web site. I began to read the testimonials on the site and looked at the pictures. It became clear to me that I was having a systemic reaction. I remembered at that time that I had a similar reaction ten years ago and had to go to the doctor for it. He gave me the shots and pills to which I had an allergic reaction and it was much worse than the poison ivy itself.

The worst part is that I have a DJ service and I do a lot of weddings. The poison ivy broke out on a Wednesday and that following Saturday I had to do a wedding reception at an outdoor pavilion in 90 degree heat with a tux on!! I actually got sick to my stomach from the heat and the ivy in my blood.

I didn't have much choice but to order Zanfel and give it a try. At 1:00AM on the following Monday morning I ordered it online. It came two days later like they said it would and although it is "costly" as I read from another's testimonial, I was willing to give anything a try. I followed the directions like it said and washed all the areas down really good. The gritty texture of Zanfel felt great on the itchy skin. The itchy feeling left my arms but my feet and legs didn't change much. I waited a couple of hours and did my legs again and did get some relief for a little while. I was disappointed when the itchy feeling came back again only an hour or two later. I washed again before I went to bed and did get a good nights sleep, only to awake to more scratching. I decided to call Zanfel and see if maybe I was doing something wrong. The man on the phone told me to go to the hospital and get the shots and pills. I told him about the reaction I had ten years ago and that I couldn't go through that again. He told me to keep using the Zanfel because the Urushiol from the poison ivy was coming to the surface. To be honest I really thought it was a bunch of bull but what choice did I have but to keep using it.

I washed the skin three more times that day. After that I didn't need to use it any more. Two days and it was drying up real fast. I couldn't believe how fast it turned around after that phone call to Zanfel. The Urushiol was coming to the surface of the skin like he said it was. The skin on the top of my feet remained red for a few more days and did itch a little but all the blisters and bumps were drying up. It seemed like more of a "dry skin" itch than a poison ivy itch.

Today I was back out in the yard cutting grass and spraying poison ivy with weed killer. Not to worry though...I still have some Zanfel left!!

Thank You!!

Dave Wendling
Canton Ohio

I can't believe this stuff! (Approved)Dave Wendling5/24/2003 2:08 pm