Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

It brought me almost instant relief!

Subject: It brought me almost instant relief!
Author: Linda Toomey
Date: 5/24/2003 1:59 pm
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Subj: Zanfel Believer
Date: 10/23/00 3:22:25 PM Central Daylight Time
To: (''),)

This past summer I was unfortunate enough to get poison ivy. I was very busy
with work travel and unable to go to the doctor. My husband searched the
internet and found Zanfel. I was desperate and willing to take a chance on
Zanfel...what a blessing! It brought me almost instant relief! When I
ordered a tube, I also ordered a tube for a friend (his wife is a doctor and
skeptical)... well my friend got poison ivy and it worked for him too!
Since, I have also told my doctor and she is anxious to see it. And to make
this an even longer story... later my husband got poison ivy. The Zanfel
didn't work as well on him as it did on me (his spots were more dry and
leathery) but Zanfel did give him relief. Well, 5 tubes of Zanfel later and
still no one in the area carries Zanfel. I have had tubes overnighted twice

Since no one in the area sells Zanfel we would be interested in filling the
void. We would be honored to provide Zanfel to our neighbors in need. If
this is possible, please forward information.

Linda Toomey

It brought me almost instant r (Approved)Linda Toomey5/24/2003 1:59 pm