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I'm certain that Zanfel has averted a catastrophe

Subject: I'm certain that Zanfel has averted a catastrophe
Author: Gerald Benitz
Date: 5/24/2003 1:55 pm
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Subj: my experience
Date: 4/25/01 12:25:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Gerald Benitz)

April 25, 2001

Dear Sirs,

This testimony has been long in coming due to a lack of a substantial
ivy infection since I first bought Zanfel two years ago. I have been
extremely careful not to get infected. Even so, I got a few red dots
every now and then and successfully used Zanfel to keep the itch down.

I recently threw care to the wind. I decided to cut a few ivy vines,
one of them 4 inches across. Despite keeping my distance and cutting
slowly, enough dust made it to my forearms to start a rash. The first
red dots appeared two days ago, and I started using Zanfel. I now
have a couple dozen ret dots on one arm, and a dozen on the other. I
keep using Zanfel morning and evening, and there is no itch and no
blistering. From the extent of this rash and my prior experience of a
horrible breakout years ago, I'm certain that Zanfel has averted a
catastrophe. Let me add that I wouldn't have gone vine-cutting
without having Zanfel as a backup.

I think I'm one of the skin types who doesn't get a full cure from one
or two washings. But, so what? Zanfel keeps the dogs at bay, and
that's enough for me. Now, to keep my employer (MIT) at bay, let me
say that this is my personal experience and does not imply any
endorsement on their part.

Thanks Bill!

Gerald Benitz, PhD (electrical engineer)
Harvard, MA

I'm certain that Zanfel has av (Approved)Gerald Benitz5/24/2003 1:55 pm