Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

It was pure heaven! I literally buckled at the knees!

Subject: It was pure heaven! I literally buckled at the knees!
Author: G. Dulmes
Date: 5/24/2003 1:54 pm
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Subj: Wow, Zanfel really worked
Date: 10/28/00 9:54:43 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Gregory J. Dulmes)

I felt like a fool forking over so much money at Smith's Drug Store in Peoria, IL
for Zanfel. I figured I had been taken by yet another crackpot "cure" for
the Poison Sumac I had contracted. Boy was I wrong!

Apparently I had what you would call a 'systemic reaction'. I broke out
once as a kid, but it had been years since then. Well, this break out was
a nasty one. The entire inside of my right forearm was littered with
blisters, the inside of my left forearm only slightly less so. One
blister was an inch long and half an inch wide; another was the size of a
perfect dime. The itching was unbearable, to the point that I could barely
get to sleep at night. After about a week blisters starting breaking
out on my neck, on my face, on my legs, and on my stomach.

At first I tried Benedryl, which only made me extremely drowsy and only
slightly blunted the itching. I applied Caladryl lotion, which did
nothing. I then bought a hydrocortisone cream, which also did absolutely
nothing. I became so desperate that I even tried a friend's reputed
"cure" - bleach! But even applying bleach liberally directly on the
blisters didn't accomplish anything.

So I hopped on the Internet, and came across web sites that recommended
Zanfel. The price was high, but I had already spent more than $30
anyway on useless products. So I raced to the pharmacy, bought a
bottle, and raced home.

I was a little uneasy at rubbing such a gritty paste into the rash
in the shower - after all, scratching the blisters and rash is the one
thing conventional wisdom always recommends against. However, when
I rubbed that stuff in, it was pure heaven! I literally buckled at
the knees, the feeling was so intense. And, for the first time in
two and a half weeks, I no longer itched!

To be sure, my reaction was severe enough that the itching returned
several hours later. So over the next three or four days I applied
the Zanfel twice a day. By the end of the fourth day, I no longer
itched all over. The blisters and rash had completely disappeared
within a week. If I had not had the Zanfel, I am sure that I
would have suffered for several more weeks as the Urushiol flushed out
of my system.

Thank you so much!

It was pure heaven! I literall (Approved)G. Dulmes5/24/2003 1:54 pm