Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

WOW! Am I impressed. Much to my surprise it worked!

Subject: WOW! Am I impressed. Much to my surprise it worked!
Author: Brian McCoy
Date: 5/24/2003 1:49 pm
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Subject: Evaluation
Date: 4/10/01 2:36:37 PM Central Daylight Time

To whom it may concern,

I have been infected with poison ivy many times in my life. (25-30 times)
I have tried every home remedy in the book and then some. I have learned
over the years to just take the steroids and set back endure the itch and
discomfort for about a week until it heals. I had all but said forget it
when it comes to any more remedies other than the steroids. Nothing seemed
to help with any kind of lasting benefit whatsoever.

WOW! Am I impressed. Yesterday I received my order of Zanfel cream and
applied it to the affected areas. (which was a lot of area, I was
miserable) Much to my surprise it worked! For five days since the start of
the rash I have been more than uncomfortable and in just a few moments in
the shower, no itch.

Great product, thank you very much.

Brian McCoy

WOW! Am I impressed. Much to m (Approved)Brian McCoy5/24/2003 1:49 pm