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The itching stopped and all of the rashes were beginning to disappear.

Subject: The itching stopped and all of the rashes were beginning to disappear.
Author: Andrew Rowe
Date: 5/24/2003 1:48 pm
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Subj: Product Testimonial
Date: 9/15/00 5:21:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Andrew Rowe)


Our family recently moved to a new home in the Santa Cruz Mountains in
California. We knew, prior to moving, the area was covered with poison oak
and planned on getting it at some time or another. We have two very young
children & I was hoping to be as careful as possible, not to get them in
trouble. Upon completion of much of the ground clearing, some of us started
to show signs of having poison oak & were starting to search for a 'cure'.
I've worked in the bio-technology sector for much of the past 8 years and I
assumed, by now, there would be several products to eliminate Urushiol based
dermatitis, but apparently there is only one. I had luckily found Zanfel's
company name on a poison ivy sufferer's website. He was quite skeptical
since the cost was high, but money doesn't matter to me if the product
works. We had 3 adults who were seriously afflicted & one of my children
was starting to get hit. We ordered Zanfel & within one minute, we were
truly cured. The itching stopped and all of the rashes were beginning to
disappear. Our daughter was the most remarkable. Within 2 hours of
application, the four inch long--two inch wide row of bumps were completely
gone from view. Where it took me about 3 days to completely heal, where
there was no longer evidence of a rash, the most serious case was my mother
in law. She had affliction on 80% of her body & was beginning to have
serious open sores. She only required two applications & her healing was
completed within 3-4 days, like myself. I was fortunate enough to have
talked with a founder of Zanfel, on a Saturday morning, to learn more
about the discovery. Not only does the product work, but the results are
even more remarkable. The enthusiasm and pure pleasure of helping fellow
sufferers made it clear that Zanfel has a great product, is a solid company
and an awesome story! Good luck to you!

Andrew Rowe
Los Gatos, CA

The itching stopped and all of (Approved)Andrew Rowe5/24/2003 1:48 pm