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Thank you so much for giving me back my life

Subject: Thank you so much for giving me back my life
Author: Patti Rashed
Date: 5/24/2003 1:39 pm
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Subj: Cured At Last
Date: 9/8/00 5:01:34 PM Central Daylight Time

Dear Zanfel Labs,

Thank you so much for giving me back my life. I contracted a horrific case of poison ivy while cutting a hated rose bush. I was so swollen, sick, and going mad with itch, I thought I might end it all. Seriously though, I searched the internet for a "cure" of any kind. I was a bit skeptical, but desperate people will go to desperate measures for relief. I ordered the product and waited overnight for it to arrive. I tore open the package and had my husband rub it all over my miserable back (I was concurrently rubbing my neck and face). I felt almost instant relief and was actually singing in the shower again. Because my case was so bad, I have had to re-apply it every three hours or so to relieve further itch. Let me also say, I called the technical desk and got great advice and help from the man who answered. Thanks for this great product. I have told as many people as I possibly could about Zanfel because people should have the right to know they don't have to suffer needlessly. I am buying another tube just "in case". I have one question-is your stock available and where can I buy it?

Patti Rashed
Relieved customer

Thank you so much for giving m (Approved)Patti Rashed5/24/2003 1:39 pm