Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

You have made a lifelong customer out of me!

Subject: You have made a lifelong customer out of me!
Author: Anne Norman
Date: 5/24/2003 1:32 pm
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Subj: Re: Zanfel
Date: 8/2/00 3:44:10 PM Central Daylight Time
From: A2839@AOL.COM


It arrived yesterday and I am a new person!!! It is amazing to be rid of the constant itching and irritability that comes from willing myself not to scratch! The insert had valuable information that confirmed my suspicions that the infestation was internal as well as on the this case anyway. Armed with the knowledge on your insert, I confidently called my doctor's office and made them understand that this was more than a mere annoyance, and received oral steroids to combat the new breakouts that had plagued me each day for the last week. I have also copied your insert and gave two copies away today, in order to explain how your product is so terrific and essential to have on hand if one is regularly subjected to poison ivy and its counterparts. Thank you for giving me a solution that really lives up to its reputation. You have made a lifelong customer out of me!


Anne Norman

You have made a lifelong custo (Approved)Anne Norman5/24/2003 1:32 pm