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There is nothing out there that is even close to the power of Zanfel

Subject: There is nothing out there that is even close to the power of Zanfel
Author: Brian Kimmett
Date: 5/24/2003 11:43 am
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Subj: testimonial
Date: 3/23/2000 5:27:51 PM Central Standard Time

Dear Zanfel,

I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude toward the development of the Zanfel product. I've been hiking in the Colorado mountains for years, but always had a slight fear for my own safety. This fear was not from animals or storms, but merely from a plant. For the past five or six years, I've come down with severe outbreaks of the poison ivy rash. However, it has not only been myself, but the majority of the friends I'd been hiking with, that broke out in varying degrees of the rash. To us, it was the single worst thing about the mountains, but we couldn't stop going because of a plant.

So, my friends and I would invariably suffer for weeks at a time, after a backpacking adventure. We never were able to spot the plant until too late (mainly our dogs ran through it for us). I tried to arm myself with the current pharmaceutical of the day. I put on every protective armor, sealant, wash-away solution, and anti-itch cream on the market. Nothing worked. All of us just had to deal with the pain (mine was so severe one summer that my eyes swelled up shut for three days). Then, last summer, I did some Internet research and found this Zanfel product. I was currently at the beginning of an outbreak (having to leave my friends in the mountains early) and had the Zanfel Fed-exed. Glory be, the stuff really works! The next day my rash was virtually gone, with no scarring or itching or anything at all. Sure enough, my friends came home a couple of days later, I gave them some of the miracle product from my jar and bam-they were all cured too. To anyone that is reading this, and has suffered through the misery brought on by the urushiol oil, try Zanfel, it's absolutely amazing. There is nothing out there that is even close to the power of Zanfel. I'll stand behind it with my skin intact and a smile on my face.

Brian Kimmett

There is nothing out there tha (Approved)Brian Kimmett5/24/2003 11:43 am