Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

My last hope at this point was this new product on the web called Zanfel.

Subject: My last hope at this point was this new product on the web called Zanfel.
Author: Verena Ryan
Date: 5/24/2003 11:41 am
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Subj: Poison Oak in Paradise
Date: 2/29/2000 2:26:54 PM Central Standard Time

Living in God's country and wanting a "perfectly lovely yard" (1/3 acres) allowed me to get poison oak for the 4th time in 10 months. You'd think I'd learn. This last case is/was worse than ever. I also have two small dogs that I walk twice a day. Here in Pebble Beach in the Forest Poison Oak wins especially when we have had a couple of years of good precipitation. Having a severe systemic reaction and not wanting to experience four to six weeks of hell with new breakouts daily, and having a new computer all at the same time, my husband checked out the web under poison oak. I was taking steroids for 4 days, had been given a shot by my doctor, but woke up numerous times during the night scratching. This wonderful Zanfel product allowed me to finally sleep through the night. Having come in contact with the actual stems or vines and not knowing that they are ten to one hundred times more potent than the actual leaves, I guess a massive systemic reaction was inevitable in hind sight. My last hope at this point was this new product on the web called Zanfel. The itching was gone after my first application for a least 6 hours at which time the new breakouts would start coming up to the surface from my blood system. Even though it was systemic, I discovered that each time a new spot or one of the old spots started coming back, I could wash the new spots and the old ones as needed with the Zanfel and all itching was again removed. By the way the tip about application of the scrub in the shower is a good one. Since I had a severe case - chin, neck, arms, hands, torso and legs and all oozing I did not think that I would really be helped. But here I am Saturday and no more itching !!!!! I was concerned about the scrubbing comments. Since I scar severely and heal slowly I was very cautious. Your Zanfel has allowed me to heal already in only 3 1/2 days rather than several weeks and I really did not even suffer during the 3 1/2 days because the Zanfel always removed the new spots and the itch associated with them as soon as they appeared and without scarring, especially the large blotches on my neck. NOW, another comment - What is in this cream? The skin around my chest, hands, neck and face feel as soft as a baby's behind from this magic scrubbing cream even at my 58 + years of age. Thank you, you wonderful Zanfel person !!!! Verena Ryan

My last hope at this point was (Approved) Verena Ryan5/24/2003 11:41 am