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I'm a lawyer in Palo Alto, California, I was very doubtful that Zanfel would work.

Subject: I'm a lawyer in Palo Alto, California, I was very doubtful that Zanfel would work.
Author: M. Yen
Date: 5/24/2003 11:36 am
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Subj: Zanfel Cure
Date: 2/22/2000 10:44:35 PM Central Standard Time

I'm the last person to believe in a miracle cure and the last person to write a testimonial (doesn't everyone say that about themselves?). But here I am writing in because this stuff actually works!

I'm a lawyer in Palo Alto, California. The Palo Alto area is a beautiful area with lots of hiking, biking and running trails in the nearby hills. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of poison oak. As an avid runner, I come in contact with poison oak all too often.

I first turned to the Web, desperately searching for a poison oak cure, several months ago after becoming infected as a result of yet another run in the beautiful, wooded hills. I stumbled upon the Zanfel site, read through the testimonials and decided to order a jar. I was very doubtful that Zanfel would work. I am extremely allergic to poison oak; the last two times I have become infected, I have been prescribed prednisone, which did not work, and then given a cortisone shot, which did work. Besides the fact that it takes time to make and go to a doctor's appointment, it goes without saying that subjecting your system repeatedly to prednisone and cortisone is not good for you.

So, after receiving my jar of Zanfel, I rushed home to try it--half hoping it would work and half knowing that it couldn't possibly. To my surprise, as promised, the itching stopped almost immediately and the redness and swelling started to subside as soon as I got out of the shower. It took me a few more treatments before the poison oak completely disappeared, but it eventually did. And the itching stayed away between treatments.

I waited a few months before writing in because I wanted to make sure that Zanfel would not cause my skin to scar. Although I had marks for a few months, here I am five months later, with the marks almost completely gone. This is truly amazing given my sensitive skin and the ease of which my skin scars.

So, a big thank you to Zanfel Labs for coming up with this product. It's truly a wonderful product.

M. Yen,
Attorney At Law

I'm a lawyer in Palo Alto, Cal (Approved)M. Yen5/24/2003 11:36 am