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However, I now work as an archaeological field technician, a job which requires me to spend a great deal of time outside

Subject: However, I now work as an archaeological field technician, a job which requires me to spend a great deal of time outside
Author: Jade Gibson
Date: 5/24/2003 1:58 am
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Subj: Testimonial
Date: 2/24/2000 7:17:56 PM Central Standard Time

Having just gotten over a bout of poison ivy, I wanted to write to you and tell you how much I appreciated your wonderful product. I got numerous awful cases of poison ivy as a child, and I know well that there is very little that you can do for the miserable itching. In each of these cases, I was virtually covered with oozing blisters (on one memorable occasion my eyes swelled shut). Over the years, I have tried nearly every imaginable treatment. I have used all imaginable over the counter creams, sprays, and lotions, which always make me feel sticky and worse. I have tried jewelweed, the great natural remedy, which did absolutely nothing and may have even made me worse. I tried hot water and cold water and salt water and oatmeal baths. The only thing that ever seemed to help at all was the steroids I would finally get from my doctor, but even those took at least a week to work and did nothing to help my itching.

I thought that my days of suffering from poison ivy were over when I learned to recognize the plant and to be very aware of when I might come into contact with it. However, I now work as an archaeological field technician, a job which requires me to spend a great deal of time outside. I discovered that all my knowledge of the appearance of poison ivy is no help to me when I am dealing with roots. Working outside as I do also requires that I climb over and around many trees and fallen logs covered with poison ivy vines. The risk of touching these at some point is virtually unavoidable. So when I felt that familiar itching and saw spreading patches of red on my face, I knew exactly what the problem was. As the day progressed the patches got larger and more inflamed, and by that night sleep was out of the question. There was no position that didn't irritate some part of my body.

In a desperate attempt to head off another attack, I went online to do some research, hoping that there might be a remedy I had not tried. I stumbled across the Zanfel website, and at first decided it must be too good to be true. After reading all of Zanfel's information, and all of the testimonials, I decided that I had to give it a try. I was put off at first by the cost, but I decided that if it worked, it would actually save me money by allowing me to go back to work sooner. I ordered it on a Saturday, and it arrived on a Sunday (a full day ahead of schedule). I immediately applied it. It took two washings, but within minutes I felt relief. A few hours later, the itching returned, and I reapplied the Zanfel. That evening, I could see a definite improvement, especially on my face. There were some spots on my hands that took numerous washings over several days, but as soon as I would apply the Zanfel the itching would stop.

It is now Thursday, and my face is almost 100% healed. I can still see small spots of healing skin, but I am sure no one else would be able to notice them. My hands are still healing, but I can tell that within a few days they will be as good as new. The speed of healing amazes me-if I were to leave my poison ivy untreated (as I have done in the past), it would take about three weeks to heal so completely. Zanfel did it in less than five days. I have had a few new spots pop up, but I simply treat them with Zanfel as soon as I notice them and they are gone before they even become inflamed. I know that I will get poison ivy again, since it is so hard to avoid on my job. With Zanfel, however, I can treat it before it becomes a problem.

I think that I can safely say that I have had a lot of experience with poison ivy (much more than the average person), and Zanfel is the only product I have ever used that worked. Not only did it stop my itching, but it actually healed the rash, which is a claim that I don't think any other product can make. I was also impressed that it could be used around my eyes, because I have not heard of any other product that can safely be used in such a sensitive area. Thank you a million for making such a great product. I only wish it had been around sooner!

Jade Gibson

NOTE: Jade chose not to use steroids in addition to Zanfel for her systemic reaction. Touching roots can be 100 times more potent than that of leaves and almost always results in a systemic reaction. This decision should always be made between you and your Physician. Though steroids can have side effects, the new breakouts probably would have ceased within 24 hours of taking the appropriate dosage of steroids and no further use of Zanfel would have been required. However, since systemic breakouts from poison ivy plants can last up to six weeks (with new breakouts showing up daily during that period), it is always gratifying for us to get the many reports such as this one where the systemic reaction is reduced to days rather than weeks with the use of Zanfel only. This is especially gratifying to us where steroids are contraindicated for other medical reasons.

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