Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

At 10:33, I was heading to the shower with Zanfel in hand.

Subject: At 10:33, I was heading to the shower with Zanfel in hand.
Author: Jeff Rayden
Date: 5/24/2003 1:56 am
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Subj: I am pleased to send you this recommendation.
Date: 1/20/2000 1:36:11 PM Central Standard Time
From: (J Rayden)

The most aggravating medical problem I've experienced are the symptoms that accompany poison oak. It is difficult to put up with the itching, rashes, loss of sleep, being less effective at work, along with having to deal with all those people who (wrongfully) think that poison oak is about as contagious as the plague.

Although I live in the Los Angeles area, I also live adjacent to 20,000 acres of city, state, and federal parklands. Most of this comprises of coastal oak woodlands, the perfect environment for poison oak. We are responsible for clearing hazardous brush from several acres close to our house.

Due to the recent El Nino, these areas are replete with overgrowths of the weed. When we decided to clean the area this winter we forgot about the poison oak because we just didn't see it. We forgot the plant is deciduous. We never saw the stems and vine which caused the worse case I've ever seen. Unfortunately I was the one with the dilemma.

My grandmother always told me that "every cloud has a silver lining." Zanfel is the silver lining for urushiol sufferers. It took about an hour of internet research to locate Zanfel and decide that I wanted to try it. I ordered it and it arrived quickly.

After 4 days of tormenting with a plethora of maladies, the FedEx package arrived on time at 10:30. Then at 10:33, I was heading to the shower with Zanfel in hand. I had been somewhat skeptical since the suffering was so intense. Did I really believe that a "cure" found on the internet could work? Well, at 10:45 I was out of the shower and a real believer. Zanfel cured the symptoms and did the job quickly.

Since then, I have used a tiny bit of it every time I come back from the woodlands and now I do not even suffer the minor irritations I used to get from brushing against plants.

Hats off to Zanfel Labs!

Very truly yours,
Jeff Rayden Encino, Ca.

At 10:33, I was heading to the (Approved)Jeff Rayden5/24/2003 1:56 am