Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash
  Robert and Tyra Williams were clearing out vines from their backyard believing it to be honeysuckle. Imagine their surprise at finding that poison ivy isn't dormant over winter. Here is Tyra's letter:

Left arm 17 hours prior to using Zanfel - click for larger picture

Right arm 17 hours prior to using Zanfel - click for larger picture

Same day after using Zanfel and recovering nicely - click for larger picture

2 days after using Zanfel and recovering nicely - click for larger picture

2 days after using Zanfel (another angle) - click for larger picture

Continuing to recover after using Zanfel - click for larger picture

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Another angle showing how well the William's are healing - click for larger picture

Nearly all signs of the outbreak are gone! - click for larger picture

Another angle showing how well the William's have healed - click for larger picture

Robert D. Williams
New Iberia, LA 70563

February 23, 2000

Robert & Tyra Williams
New Iberia, LA 70563

My name is Tyra Williams and I live in Southern Louisiana, which has a semi-tropical climate with lots of undergrowth, swamp and poison everything. On the weekend of February 5th and 6th, my husband and I were cleaning out an area behind our house. It was very overgrown with what I thought was honeysuckle and sticker bushes. I had a mild bout of poison ivy last year but it was in the summer when everything was green. Here it was in February, everything looks dead and brown so I assumed that any ivy or oak is dead or at least dormant. It was warm and we had only gloves, short sleeve shirts and jeans. We were grabbing armfuls of vines and brush; we then dumped them into a burning barrel. I scratched myself in several places on my forearms but didn't think much of it at the time.

A couple of days latter, I started to break out on my arms and upper torso, then it started appearing on the inside of my thighs. By about the 9th, it covered the majority of both forearms, large areas on the inside of both thighs and various places on my upper torso. By the weekend of the 12th and 13th, the itching was unbearable and the skin was coming off in several places on both forearms. The pain was so intense that I could not rest or sleep at all, day or night.

I tried the standard remedies like oatmeal bath, calamine lotion, rubbing alcohol, Rhuli spray, cream of tarter paste and such. Nothing would stop the intense burning, itching or pain. Some would give the appearance of relief but only for a few minutes, then it would return with a vengeance. However, the worst part was that the infection was spreading and getting progressively worse. The fact that I am allergic to cortisone shots and pills was also very disheartening.

By Sunday the 13th, I was at my wits end. I started desperately searching the web for anything that might hold some hope or relief. I found your site ( and started reading about your product and the testimonies of people that had tried the product. It just looked to good to be true, so we continued searching for sites about poison oak and ivy; but we kept coming up with more and more information about "Zanfel", even from different sites and FAQ's. I have to admit that being in my state of pain and suffering, your claim of itch free in minutes was too much for me to grasp. As I read more about how it helped people who could not take the cortisone shots, I became more interested. After all, it did offer some hope.

No sleep or relief in days just drove me to the edge and I would literally have bathed in gasoline if I thought it would have helped. I told my husband to order a jar and have it sent overnight and prayed that it would at least give some relief, because at this point it was this stuff or the hospital.

We received the jar on Tuesday morning and still we were skeptical, I guess the idea of something working like it claimed was still testing our faith. I started applying it to a very small-infected area on my torso, just to test it. I then rubbed it on every infected area, including the raw areas on my forearm that had skin missing. I have to say I moved very slowly in applying Zanfel to these areas. After rubbing it on as instructed, the itching stopped! I don't want to sound hokey but please believe me, for the first time in more than a week I was not itching! Even the areas with raw, exposed skin was not only itch free, but it didn't burn or tingle or anything, just a great feeling of relief. As God is my witness, the infection stopped from this point in time and has only receded.

Over the next few days, a couple of areas would break out but with a little application, it would stop itching and would disappear. The raw areas are healing and there is no more itch at all. I cannot express how thankful I am for Zanfel and I hope that more people will find out how great and miraculous this product is. So many people out there can experience relief from the terrible itching and pain caused from the effects of ivy and oak, especially those who cannot take cortisone.

Again, thank you for not only "saving my skin", but also for the assurance that if this dreaded plague attacks again, relief is just a jar away.

Yours truly, (a true believer)
Tyra Williams