Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash
  A family vacation in Oregon ends with a nasty bout of poison oak. Here is Terry's letter:

Right arm before using Zanfel - click for larger picture

Left arm before using Zanfel - click for larger picture

Subj: Zanfel Date: 2/5/2000 12:31:59 Central Standard Time
To: (Zanfel Laboratories)

I am just now writing back to you to tell you how well your product works. I had taken my family on vacation to Oregon last summer for about nine days. Sometime toward the end of the trip, I must have come into contact with poison oak without even knowing about it. I believe now that someone must have rubbed it onto something I had leaned on with the arm. After leaning on it with my right arm, I then crossed my arms and infected my left arm. As you can see from the pictures, when I closed my left arm, I infected yet another spot on my left arm.

On the last leg of the journey home, I discovered some spots on my arms that started itching. I thought they were just bug bites. After several days, they started getting worse and I knew it must be poison oak. I had poison oak before, but this time it was really bad. After about 10 days and severe itching and oozing from the blisters, I discovered Zanfel by searching the web thoroughly. I was reluctant to try it because nobody else had actually discovered a cure and I thought poison oak was incurable. I called to place an order over the phone and talked with the person taking the order. I was convinced that it was worth the money to try it.

The Zanfel was shipped to me and I received it the next day. Needless to say, I was anxious to get home from work and try it. What a blessing!!! It worked just like advertised. I had immediate relief from itching. However, my infection had gone so long without treatment that it took three applications on the worst areas to completely cure it. The next day, the blisters were gone but the sores were still there due to the severity of the oozing blisters. I still have pink spots on my arm where the blisters were so bad.

I have recommended the cure to several friends and family members including my grandmother who is extremely allergic to poison oak. I am recommending this product to anyone who wants an immediate cure. I still have plenty of the Zanfel left and I will be taking it with me when I go on vacations from now on.

I want to thank the people who made Zanfel possible. I would have gone crazy if I had to wait any longer for a cure.

Terry Hoffman