Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash
   A pleasant Friday afternoon jog down a trail leaves Scott Myers with a nasty case of poison oak. Here is Scott's letter:

Just before using Zanfel - click for larger picture

1 hour after using Zanfel and the itch is gone! - click for larger picture

1 hour after second treatment using Zanfel - click for larger picture

24 hours after first treatment using Zanfel - click for larger picture


Subj: You Saved Me!!!
Date: 3/2/2000 12:59:40 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Scott & Kendra Myers)

Dear Zanfel,

A few weeks ago while jogging down a trail on a Friday afternoon, I had to push my way through the branches of a dead tree that had fallen across the trail. I'm usually pretty cautious about looking out for Poison Oak because of a bad reaction that lasted over 3 weeks last year, but I didn't see any leaves and went ahead and pushed my way on through the tree limbs - BAD mistake. My legs got scratched up by what I'm pretty sure now were Poison Oak vines on the tree limbs.

The next morning I had a small rash on my leg in exactly the same spot as one of the spots I had the year before, and I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't bear the thought of going through over three weeks of misery again, so I began trying every product I could find to try and ward it off. But it continued to break out over the next few days until my legs were covered and I was headed down the path of misery. Monday I called and made a doctor's appointment because I was pretty sure it was systemic the way it was showing up in the exact same spots of my previous breakout. I wouldn't be able to get into the doctor until Tuesday morning, so I started searching the web for anything I could find on home remedies or products I didn't know about - and that's how I found Zanfel! I read many testimonials and was amazed by the pictures. A little skeptical at how this could work so well, I picked up the phone and called you. After only a few minutes on the phone (I'm sorry but I wish I could remember the name of the man I spoke to. He was extremely helpful!) I was convinced this was for real. I ordered a jar and had it Fedexed overnight.

The next morning I went to the doctor and was prescribed a weeks worth of Steroids for the systemic reaction. (Note: during my previous reaction I had also taken steroids and it still took over three weeks to clear up!). That afternoon the Zanfel arrived and I began my treatment right away. (Pic1 is right before my first treatment). I had been warned by the man I talked to that the Zanfel would probably act slower and require a few more treatments since I had it systemically and would be taking steroids, but that it should still completely relieve the itching. And it did! After one treatment the itching was completely gone! I was amazed! (Pic2 is one hour after my first treatment). About 5 hours later it started itching again a little, but not nearly as bad as before. I was going to bed soon, so I went ahead and did another treatment to see how well I could sleep that night. (Pic3 is one hour after my second treatment). I slept the entire night for the first time in 3 nights! I did 3 treatments throughout the next day and just a little over 24 hours after my first treatment I felt pretty much back to normal! (Pic4 is 24 hours after first treatment). I was so relieved I wasn't going to have to endure three weeks of torture as I had the year before! I finished out the steroid prescription to fight the systemic reaction, but never had to apply another Zanfel treatment after the second day!

I started telling everyone I knew about Zanfel! I couldn't believe how well it worked! My neighbors, Dan and Lori, had just broken out in Poison oak at the same time I did and I gave them the little bit of Zanfel I had left to try. They ordered more the very next day! Lori works in a doctor's office and she told him about it and he ordered several jars. She also told her pharmacist and he ordered 10 jars! My in-laws have a large piece of land and are always having to clear out Poison Ivy. I told them about it and now they've ordered some too!

Everyone I know that has tried it swears by it now. I can't tell you how happy I am knowing there is finally something out there that can provide true relief from that dreadful itching. Thank you so much! I'll continue to tell everyone I know that if they ever come into contact with Poison Oak or Ivy to not waste any time and go straight out and get some Zanfel. It's the only thing out there that really works!

Thanks again!
Scott Myers
Monterey, Ca