Chop Your
Health Costs
by 96%!

Bruce Mellott, MPH, CTSP | Vice President of Corporate Safety
"Since implementing Zanfel as a treatment option for poison ivy, oak and sumac exposures, we have seen a 96% decrease in our net incurred occupational health expenses related to this allergic skin reaction. Our employees experience relief faster, allowing them to return to work, while maintaining focus on the job and continue being productive."

Jeffrey S. Berger, CNP | Deputy Scout Executive / COO
"We recently met with our Worker's Comp insurance representative and she shared that hospital trips related to Poison Ivy had increased our experience rating and something must be done. With the implementation of having staff wash with Zanfel after exposure, we reduced poison ivy related hospital visits to zero. Thank you for making this product available, we are a believer because we have witnessed the impact."

Michael R. Anderson | General Manager - Safety | National Fuel Gas Company
"Thanks to Zanfel and a robust awareness program, we had one full year with zero OSHA recordable injuries related to poison ivy!"
zanfel box
zanfel single packet
  • Consumer informational pamphlet on poison ivy, oak and sumac identification and treatment options
  • Zanfel Reference Pocket Card
  • Plant Identification Poster
  • Zanfel Training Presentation
  • Informational kits filled with educational materials on Zanfel
  • The use of Zanfel allows the poison ivy, oak or sumac affected employee to reutun to work sooner, in an itch-free and healing state.
  • Significant and immediate cost savings to the employee and employer as opposed to other treatment options.
  • Zanfel treats poison ivy, oak and sumac without the side effects associated with steroids or sedating antihistamines.
  • A Zanfel washing can be done in the field, provided there is access to a small amount of water.
  • One application can be completed in 3 minutes.
  • For a typical case of poison ivy, oak or sumac, Zanfel reduces healing time from days to hours.

To request educational materials:
Call 1.800.401.4002 or fax 515.267.8027


Below please find a listing of Zanfel Distributors for your ordering needs. If you would like to become a distributor for Zanfel, please contact Dan Boelman, Customer Service Manager, at 515-267-8031.










ANIXTER:  To place an order call (434) 374-2159 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Glenview, IL



BAILEY’S:  To place an order call (800) 322-4539 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Woodland, CA



BLACK & COMPANYTo place an order call (800) 357-7189 OR fax orders to (217) 744-0673. 
HQ: Springfield, IL


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BORDER STATES ELECTRIC:  To place an order call (800) 676-5834 OR fax order to (701) 2379488. 
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BRADLEY CALDWELL:  To place an order call (800) 257-9100, Ext. 618 OR 24/7 at
HQ: Hazelton, PA



C & H MOTOR PARTS:  To place an order call (530) 622-2144, fax order to (530) 622-6601 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Placerville, CA



CHINOOK MEDICAL GEAR INC.:  To place an order call (800) 766-1635 OR 24/7 at
HQ:  Durango, CO



CHOCTAW-KAUL DISTRIBUTION:  To place an order call (313) 894-9494 OR fax order to (313) 894-7977. 
HQ: Detroit, MI



DATA INTEGRATION, INC.:  To place an order call (888) 323-2462.  HQ:  Buford, GA


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IRBY:  To place an order call (601) 969-1811 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Jackson, MS



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MOTION INDUSTRIES:  To place an order call (800) 883-4001 OR fax order to (757) 523-1516. 
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NORTHERN SAFETY & INDUSTRIAL:  To place an order call (888) 201-6070, fax order to (315) 793-4970 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Frankfort, NY



PRO-AM SAFETY:  To place an order call (800) 351-2477 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Warrendale, PA



SAFEWARE:  To place an order call (800) 331-6707 OR fax order to (301) 683-1200.  HQ: Landover, MD

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SITEONE LANDSCAPE SUPPLY:  Orders can be placed 24/7 at  HQ:  Troy, MI



STAUFFER SAFETY:  To place an order call (215) 679‑4446 OR fax order to (215) 679-4787. 
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HQ: Greensboro, NC.



WECHEM:  To place an order call (800) 426-0512 OR 24/7 at  HQ:  Harahan, LA.



WESCO DISTRIBUTING INC:  To place an order call (412) 454-2200 or 24/7 at  HQ:  Pittsburgh, PA