Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash
  Ryan's dad, Chris Malachowsky, sent us these "before" and "after" pictures. Boys will be boys and well... you can see for yourself. Here is Chris' letter:

24 hours prior to using Zanfel - click for larger picture

4 to 5 hours after using Zanfel and the itch is gone - click for larger picture

2 days after using Zanfel and recovering nicely - click for larger picture

Subj: What a relief ! Date: 12/17/1999 5:23:09 PM
From: (Chris Malachowsky)
To: (Zanfel Laboratories)
File: Whatarel.mim (249046 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP):

Its taken me a bit to get around to writing you this note. I am the father of the two boys in California that you rushed Zanfel to last weekend. You also called me to check on their condition and responsiveness to Zanfel. That personal attention was very much appreciated and the sign of a class act !!

As you recall from our conversation, 2 of my children were suffering pretty serious cases of poison oak. The older boy, Ryan, was the worst with about 99% of his head and neck affected plus additional major blotches all over his body. The younger boy, Spencer, was not as consumed as Ryan but still had major eruptions and a rather serious case in his groin area. Needless to say both were miserable.

Ryan, whose pictures I have attached below, literally had such swelling and 'weeping' as to not be able to open his eyes for 4 days. As you can see between the first and last picture, he looked like a different person altogether !

While researching possible remedies and any available treatments on the net I came across Zanfel. The possibility of a cure was sufficiently motivating to get me to order some. Your prompt attention of having it shipped overnight was much appreciated.

With about 1/2 - 2/3 of a jar of Zanfel, I treated both of my boys. One immediate observation was that they were neither irritated or bothered by the apparent 'grittiness" of the Zanfel. In fact, both found it extremely soothing which surprised me given the severity of their rashes. The itching also was relieved near immediately. Both boys were also on Prednisone to fight the systemic infection and help halt the spread to new places. However, this was so severe that we needed more than just steroids to knock this thing out. They were still both suffering from the incessant itch and pain caused by their topical infections. It was this external situation I was most desperate to rid them of. As you can see by the pictures, Zanfel did just that and the resulting healing was almost beyond description, (see pictures).

The next day, Ryan repeated some of the treatment in select areas but basically Zanfel had already done the trick. There were no further outbreaks of oak blisters nor any additional 'oozing' ! What was left was still some swelling and some traumatized skin but the healing had clearly started. Thanks for your personal attention and for your product. We will always keep a supply of Zanfel handy just in case there is a next time (they are boys after all :-))

Your product lived up to its claim and I am glad to openly endorse it!

Chris Malachowsky
Vice President of Engineering
NVIDIA Corporation

These pictures are not exactly timed as a perfect before-and-after sequence but I think you should get the idea. The first picture is 24hrs prior to the application of Zanfel. The second is 4-5 hours after that 1st application and the final picture was 2 days later. I firmly believe all of the discomfort and pain associated with the boy's recovery would have been avoided if we had Zanfel at the first sign of contamination and not 4-5 days after the onset of blistering