Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash
  Paul McWaters ventured into the woods to look for maple seedlings. Seems he found a lot more than that! Here is Paul's letter:

3:14pm on Dec. 21. Before using Zanfel - click for larger picture

3:40pm on Dec. 21. After using Zanfel and the itch is gone within 30 seconds - click for larger picture

2 days after using Zanfel and recovering nicely - click for larger picture

Subj: Testimonial (pictures are attached)
Date: 1/3/2000 2:02:23 AM Central Standard Time
From: Madtabula
To: (Zanfel Laboratories)

First off thanks!!! This stuff really works.... and as the pictures show really took care of a bad case of poison IVY... I did get it in my blood stream... but even so, the Zanfel worked like a miracle in the worst areas as shown in the photographs. Each time a new break out occurred the Zanfel quickly made it go away.

To the readers on this website (especially if your itching with poison ivy)

My Holidays did not look like they would be off to a good start. It all began on a weekend early in December when my friend persuaded me that this was a good time to look for maple tree seedlings in the woods around my house. (I live adjacent to a large bayou in South Mississippi.) I thought, why not... so I grabbed a shovel and some hand tools and headed off into the woods. The thing to keep in mind is that I must have taken a stupid pill that morning because here I was in the damp woods shoveling in the dirt wearing a pair of beach sandals and shorts. At the time I did not think anything of it.... 3 days later I was in absolute misery.

I began itching while at work around Tuesday of that week. We were in the woods that Sunday before. My friend had a severe reaction and her face swelled up so big that she said she could not get a T-shirt on. I'm kind of glad my job forces me to travel all over the country because I heard she was a very horrible site for 3 days. She ended up going to the emergency room where they gave her a steroid shot and antibiotics. I called her when my itching began on Tuesday and that's when I found out she had reacted severely as early as Sunday night. She mentioned that she had it in her bloodstream or so the doctor said. I began to worry. With each thought, the rash seemed to spread on me and I kept thinking my face was going to swell too.. but thankfully it never did. I remember that by Friday the 17th of December I was in pure agony. The moment I arrived home, I called my friend and we began a massive research lookup on the Internet about everything related to poison ivy. We were looking for a quick cure... anything that would ease the itching.

Click to see larger view

I tried the Benadryl "itch stopping gel" which made it feel slightly better... but it was more like a cover-up, you know like it wasn't "healing" me. I wanted something that would dry this up and make it go away for good. My friend was still breaking out even though she was taking the antibiotics and had the steroid shot. The shot did make her face swelling go down but she was breaking out all over and in new places with nothing to stop the pain. By now we had learned a lot about poison ivy from all the reading we had done on the Internet. All the myths about spreading it, etc. Then my friend (I owe all of this to her!!!) found At first I was like "yeah right" ... I mean if that were true, 30 seconds then it would be selling like hotcakes... so being very skeptical I called the 1-800 number and I talked to a man. He not only knew everything about poison ivy but promised me that the Zanfel would work. I think it was the testimonials that I read that made me actually buy a jar.

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I anxiously awaited this jar to arrive and had it sent over night. I decided that just in case it did work I wanted some before and after shots to show my friend and possibly send to Zanfel for my own testimonial. I took the photos and a few close ones using my web cam. In the shower, I sat on the edge of the tub and wet my left leg, lathered the Zanfel cream in my hands and then scrubbed down the worst area I had. I scrubbed it about 20 seconds and washed it away. The itching stopped immediately... I mean immediately! However, the area was still red. I did read that in some severe cases that more washes might be necessary. After about 10 mins I noticed that a lot of the redness had gone and it was like the Zanfel had dried it up... it was incredible to say the least. I immediately washed the other affected parts of my body. and yes... I did rush over to my friend's house with the jar. (it's nearly empty!!!!)

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A final point I'd like to make is, both she and I had the poison ivy systemically. It was in our blood stream and the only final cure for this is time. However it was the Zanfel wash that removed the urushiol once a rash would break out and this process is what made the difference from suffering systemically for 2 days versus 5 weeks or more. Next time you are in the store, pick up anything like Benadryl that mentions poison ivy etc.. and you will notice that nothing mentions the word urushiol which is the toxin that Zanfel actually extracts for easy rinsing away. This product is incredible and though I will not be venturing into the woods in shorts and sandals I will always have some Zanfel on hand just in case.

Thanks Zanfel!!!
Paul McWaters
Bay St Louis Mississippi

also: if anyone would like to contact me about my experience with Zanfel just drop me an email at:

NOTE: Paul chose not to use steroids in addition to Zanfel for his systemic reaction. This decision should always be made between you and your Physician. Though steroids can have side effects, the new breakouts probably would have ceased within 24 hours of taking the appropriate dosage of steroids and no further use of Zanfel would have been required. However, since systemic breakouts from poison ivy plants can last up to six weeks (with new breakouts showing up daily during that period), it is always gratifying for us to get the many reports such as this one where the systemic reaction is reduced to days rather than weeks with the use of Zanfel. This is especially gratifying to us where steroids are contraindicated for other medical reasons.